I'm KK, the As-Seen-on-TV Expert & Certified Business Advisor, Coach/Consultant, and Personal Development Mentor

Trust an expert: The FITNESS, BEAUTY, HEALTH/WELLNESS industry is changing. The proof is in the numbers.

At any stage: startup, growth, established business… Let’s make you more money (profit), not just revenue & expenses!

  • Do you want to accomplish more with your life & business beyond your current scope?

  • Want more out of your day to day operations?

  • Time to find ways to automate the business (& get your life back!)?

  • Want (more) financial success?

  • Want to give back to your friends, neighbors, and community?

  • Considering launching, buying, or growing a franchise or business?

  • Are you finally ready to ‘Find Your FIT’ in this crazy business world?

If you said yes to any of the above, then we need to connect! Literally everything we do, offer and create is satisfaction guaranteed so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. 100%

I’m looking for a few visionary entrepreneurs who are looking to re-invent their methods of success by doing something truly special and unique to our industry – that leaves you with a legacy, and the peace to live the life you DESERVE.

It’s wonderful what happens when like-minded individuals connect to accomplish something important. An energy is created. Passion is contagious, yet let’s be honest, passion alone is not enough to grow a business!

My clients share that I’ve helped them tap into something they didn’t even know was possible- personalized solutions to their biggest frustrations, automated systems, and tangible tactics that help their companies thrive in any market conditions.

In the key performance indicators of the business, they’re achieving their highest levels of success within months of working with me… and that’s the simple stuff!

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``KK is my secret weapon, a true #gamechanger for my bottom line!`` People say that often.. but here's what you should know

Individual Approach, So you can Thrive... Not just Survive!

Regardless of how we work together, it’s always 1:1! I partner with clients to take them to the next level- that means you always work with the expert for maximum return on your time.

Success at any Stage, Personalized Solutions to Business Needs!

Regardless of whether you are a startup, in growth phase, or an established business, your (continued) success is not just possible- it’s all we focus on. Utilizing data, KPIs, and automated systems, find support to profit on your terms, with collaborative, measurable resources and focus on your desired outcomes!

Modern Technology, Focused on Results

Meetings together can be from anywhere, literally! Using technology makes us more efficient and able to focus on what’s important, not logistics. All meetings occur in a private Zoom, and recorded for your unlimited download and playback convenience!

Proven Best Practices, Leading to Long Term Growth

When you work with an expert with over 20 years experience in our industry, you get proven best practices- no guess and check here!

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TV Expert, Specializing in the following industries


Digital Ads: Social Media, Search Engine, SEO, Branding

Running ads on social media or search engines is a GAME CHANGER for new customer acquisition! Find and convert new clients though multi-functional marketing utilizing: Facebook/Instagram, Google Search, along with maximizing your online reputation through favorable reviews…we do it all! You need to be online marketing-we make it easy & affordable, with industry expertise not found elsewhere! Stop dabbling with, or overpaying for someone who isn’t an industry expert, together let’s focus your demand generation efforts as a path to (more) profitability!

Demand Generation Strategy + Sales & Marketing Solutions

You need a proven process that is turnkey and easy to implement. Don’t create one from scratch! Use our strategic sales process and collateral to maximize your growth opportunities instantly! We have the ability to ensure your sales process is streamlined, tracked and out of your hands. It’s all in a proven process which focuses on converting the right client, every time, while maintaining ethical selling standards and techniques. Sales+Marketing=ROI on your hard earned $$

Service/Product Development + Strategic Operations Support

Want to take your revenue and business to the next level? Sales and marketing is key to your success… without necessarily adding to your budget! Training staff is an art form, it’s not just about an email or some piece of paper you told them to do everything on. Software systems and your website platforms can only do so much. It’s time to work with an expert to scale your company to the next level, whether it’s new products, locations or partnerships to enhance awareness. Let’s streamline your operations and process so you can automate your business and growth… NOW!

Profit/Revenue Optimization + Financial Analysis

Agencies, vendors & even software integrated tools don’t teach you what you need, and neither does a person or team who has never thrived in the same environment as your business over a long span of time. Let’s talk about your marketing, advertising, sales process, budget or lack thereof- we can turn them from problems to profitable!

Staff/Systems Management + Training

Coaching and feedback for your entire team, staff and management development to create internal systems and operations best practices, while utilizing your client management software more effectively is a MUST HAVE in the current business climate! It’s not impossible, you can create your dream team and sit back and enjoy all that extra revenue with no more work on your part! #goals

Website Design, User Experience + Conversion Optimization

Investing in your website is like sprucing up your house before guests come over. It’s a mandatory, ongoing need! Let’s make sure your website is not just fast, responsive and pretty… but it’s a high converting machine that is selling for you systematically. Optimize your user experience + Implement our conversion tactics= Instant new clients and $$$

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❤️  Health & Wellness

❤️  Lifestyle & Luxury Retail

❤️  Real Estate + Design

❤️  Software/Technology


I provide proven best practices for every aspect of your business and life, from start to growth!
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Warning: This is your secret weapon… to profitability & growth. It is the very thing you need to make more money, and join our clients at the Top 10% of the Fitness, Beauty, Health/Wellness, Tech industry earners!


  • Option 1

Comprehensive Sales + Marketing Support

For the last 20 years, I’ve run a boutique marketing agency alongside being a certified business consultant specializing in the very industries I’ve been most successful in! No B.S. or quick certifications here. Trust an expert with boots on the ground experience owning, operating, consulting businesses just. like. yours. Comprehensive support with our team gives you exclusive access to regular 1:1 meetings, plus all of the support, resources, and training you need to get what you want and take action to get it. The best part—we’ll create a tight-knit process for everything and everyone you need… and educate you on the “how’s” and “why’s.” Say goodbye to feeling alone in running your business… and hello to thriving in your growth and extra $$$!
  • Option 2

1:1 Coaching + Consulting

They say I’m the no-BS, grounded-in-reality business coach who gets you, gets your struggles, and knows how to work through them. Imagine having access to me for all of your needs, whenever you need me. You get access to me 24/7 to be your sounding board, advisor, cheerleader, and biz bestie. No matter how big the problem may seem, we can handle it together, using best practices, proven processes and a fully trackable, ACCOUNTABLE working relationship, for both your professional and personal development needs! Let’s dive in on the strategies that matter to you… now! I make it easy for you to get started and see results with no long term commitment, trust an expert!
  • Option 3

DIY: Customizable Templates, Scripts + More!

Ever wish you could just plug-n-play the tactics and items you need to ROCK your revenue and then sit back to enjoy the benefits once you do? Now you can! Choose any aspect of your business (sales, marketing, conversion optimization, emails, software, social media, digital ads, data analytics, influencer/grassroots relations etc), and our team will analyze what to change, optimize *and* provide the templates, scripts, materials to do so! It’s so easy and also fully bespoke… a new take on “Do it Yourself!”
  • Option 4

Share our Support: Paid Ads, Sales/Marketing, Social Media + Strategic Planning

Snag a member of our Certified Business Consultant team to help with your video editing, sales, marketing and remote business needs, on demand. Share our Support team! You get all the benefits of ‘virtual assistant’ like help, with none of the hassle of training on your software or lacking industry knowledge or expertise. This allows you speed to getting tasks done, regardless of size or scope. Our team is certified, process oriented and provides clear guidance, strategy and execution. Trust an expert!
  • Option 5

Well+Wealthy- Accelerator to Advance your Results with a Team of Experts!

Take advantage of an industry first- exclusive, ROI focused support, coaching and training to learn, implement & bring to life your key performing indicators… it’s the easiest, fastest way to grow. A “for us, by us” approach to investing in the industry, we support YOU with access the capital you need to expand, improving your staff, implementing systems that automate your success- all so you can realize the results you desire! This is your chance to have 24/7 support to improve your business! Acceptance is by invitation only– let’s meet to see if there’s a fit. You won’t want to miss your chance!



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