With over 15 years of hands-on industry experience, Certified Business Consultant KK Hart helps fellow boutique fitness, indie beauty, health & wellness business owners surpass their earning goals, monetizing every aspect of their brand and company. As an internationally renowned thought leader who regularly educates, influences and consults her industries of expertise, KK has been featured on Fox, TEDx, Women’s Health, The Huffington Post and other media.

Industries of Expertise: Boutique Fitness, Indie Beauty, Health + Wellness, Software/Technology

❤️ Expert Advisor, Consultant, Business Coach

Passion ✔ Purpose ✔ Profit ✔ As a digital coach + sales/marketing business expert… KK works both *FOR* you and the business, while educating and executing the tips/tricks/best practices to monetize, grow + scale to make your business even STRONGER. As a renown game changer for businesses of all backgrounds and in many industries, KK’s sole goal is to turn your passion into PROFIT!

❤️ Digital + Online Content Experience

KK works with businesses to leverage their online audience to monetize virtual class + studio offerings. Now more than ever, this has gone from a topic of conversation to an area of instant action due to the unprecedented lock-downs throughout the US and the world economy. KK advises how to MONETIZE these changes now + in the subsequent recovery!

❤️ Sales + Marketing

Industry businesses don’t necessarily need more clients, they need to convert interested people to first time visitors, and make visitors raving fans that come back and pay regularly. KK is an expert in retention strategies unique to fitness, beauty, health + wellness.

❤️ ROI Data + Trends Analysis

KK provides proven best practices to clarify goals and strategy to ensure businesses can track their efforts for easy return on promotional investment. No more guess and check!

❤️ Strategy + Operations

KK advocates a clear, compelling and executable plan to grow your business without adding to expenses. That means it must be systematic and automatic! Automation is the future, KK recommends you prepare and integrate this profitable strategy now!Luxury + Lifestyle IntegrationKK’s cross industry experience, while working closely with specific high growth verticals, has allowed her to be extremely knowledgeable, effective and results driven. With this perspective, KK provides businesses access to not only best practices, but the tips, tricks + successes of many admired, known businesses currently influencing top trends!

❤️ Demand Generation + Brand Growth

Businesses don’t have to come off as pushy salespeople to sell memberships and products. KK teaches how to laser target client needs in every aspect of the acquisition process, so what brands and their staff offers is what clients truly desire, every single time… for true Demand Generation and Brand Awareness!

Raves + Faves

Business Owner/CEO:
“You want KK to work alongside you to grow your business- she is a game changer for those looking for in depth, no fluff guidance, education and insights about the hottest topics the industry faces today! No one tells it like KK does!”

Media/Software Company/Conferences:
KK is grounded in reality and just oozes boots-on-the-ground expertise… She’s not just impressive on paper, speaking in sound bytes she instantly creates a connection to the audience, making her a sensational asset to any written piece, podcast, video or conference!”

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KK Speaks + Educates as an Industry Thought Leader + Coach

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KK’s Expertise is Educating, Advocating + Executing on Industry Trends and Best Practices

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