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4 Overall Steps to Systems that Work for your Indie Beauty Business, even during Lock Down:

  1. When was the last time you utilized a strategic plan beyond perhaps the first one you used to get your brand launched or funded? Make sure you have a clearly defined STRUCTURE for offering your services and products (DTC online and with retailers + events in person!)
  2. AUTOMATE everything you can. As strategist that often supports brand founders + their product companies as an adviser, I’ve seen tremendous success in companies that focus on this as a part of their growth plan… it’s often high on user experience wish lists and surprising to most founders that it’s low to no cost to implement- even with a team of 1, budget of none!
  3. Whether it’s now or in the future, don’t forget to plan for when you can MONETIZE your brand more than ever before. When you track your efforts, making more money gets easier and more profitable as you grow, that’s how it should be anyway!
  4. If you build it, they may or may not come now or in the future. PROMOTE as if you were launching a brand new product and company! This is the true key to growth, demand generation with authentic focus on how to improve your potential customers’ lives through anything you have to offer!

Considering simply discounting your products? There’s so much more to explore besides cutting your profit margins!

Here are some next steps depending on how you would like to grow your business in the future:

  • Don’t just rush to over-discount… decide if this is a short term or long term transition for you! It’s imperative that you think through your recovery and the future health of your company.
  • In the short term, focus on creating content + promotional campaigns you love and connecting with customers through an online community such as social media, emails and tutorials. Again, there’s no rush! I’ve worked with clients for many years through many tough times in the economy and to do it right- it takes proactivity, planning and implementing the right systems from the beginning so you have a quality offering that you can monetize in the long term.
  • NEW TO BIZ? If you have products, but no audience: look for opportunities to get more views, connect with people in your content niche, and ask what people would like to see, learn and experience about more than just your product!
  • ESTABLISHED BEAUTY BIZ? You have an audience, but perhaps they’re currently distracted or not buying like they used to: survey your community to find out how you could improve or what you can offer digitally; also look to improve the quality of your content and see if there’s an opportunity to create more engaging content that leads to discussion and conversation. This is a time to really dig deep into your analytics and client life-cycle, in order to have the insights and strategy to grow orders and sales now, not just after lock down! Our Growth Kapital program partners with brands to do this with no out of pocket costs. This may be a solution to consider since so many in the industry are fearful of becoming cash-strapped and unable to grow. Communication is everything, and the way you share your story and offer your products now matter more than you may realize!
  • WERE YOU JUST ABOUT TO GROW YOUR COMPANY, OFFER SOMETHING NEW? You have an engaged audience, but you don’t want to market to them: if it’s still on your agenda for the recovery, take the time to offer what you need to for free currently (hello product reviews and samples!?). At the same time, starting planning for how you can automate and monetize your content and product features in the future (it’s all about recovery!).

Finally, just a few thoughts to help you to build something long term instead of just through this crisis:

  • Never give up more revenue than you can afford– That’s giving up all of your eventual profit! It may seem easier than having stagnant growth but is never in your benefit if you’re looking to eventually monetize and grow. Consider the right discount for your company’s long term, and be strategic about it!
  • Always use your own internal systems to promote your brand. Don’t just rely on social media, remember emails are being opened more now than ever before… love on your past, present and future clients by doing more than just sending sales to their inbox!
  • Seek integration- It’s imperative that you can collaborate with like minded companies reaching the same client base. Think outside the box and remember that in order to see the benefits of this, it must be super authentic!
  • Track the you know what out of your efforts- Data speaks volumes about your products and services, and especially your ability to grow this business venture moving forward!

Other systems to communicate + consider improving now, so you’re ready for the future:

  • Emails/SMS

Don’t forget you can still encourage your customers and community through emails and other communications. Indie beauty businesses are known to thrive on community- you can provide so much more than just product sales! Just make sure you think these out and respect the inbox. Customers want to buy, but they also want to be inspired and heard- make your emails a 2 way communication, feedback loop and then you can sit back to watch your sales grow.

  • Social Media

My agency specializes in digital marketing, demand generation and sales process automation, implementation and optimization of software systems, along with operations process improvements. Our clients invest in our help with social media because they know it’s not just the future, it’s an area to set yourselves apart now! You know what you’re likely overlooking? How much of a role your social media can play to help your brand, customers and industry niche. This is the time to re-tool how you are social… it’s not just a place to post pretty pictures, discounts and product images over and over. This is the time to position yourself and the company as truly community focused and most importantly, innovative and effective!

  • Team

Are you looking for ways to encourage and engage your team? You should! After-all, they’re your first customer! Host online trainings, improve their customer service + sales skills, or give them some deeper technical knowledge about the beauty industry and especially your areas of focus (they likely don’t have that insight!), be a source of support and you’ll build a true dream team for now, in your recovery and for life!

  • Terms + Conditions

Is it time for new or updated terms and conditions? Don’t leave your business at risk! Some of our clients are using the T+Cs as a way to get clients covered for sharing their product feedback, before and afters, reviews and then seamlessly launching them into an encouraging challenge, inviting them to a digital happy hour, and other exciting ways to engage them! You can make this fun and functional!

  • Website

As someone who has built literally thousands of websites for the beauty and wellness industry over the last 15 years, trust me when I say: your website is your business- even if you have retail presence and distribution in big box stores! It’s a reflection of your image and vibe but can be so much more! It’s is user friendly? Have you updated it recently? Does it present the brand accurately to the clients who don’t know your products or ingredient niche yet? When my team implements a new website or optimizes an existing one with a refresh do you know what we often find? Many new people are so curious about your brand, but they visit your site and do nothing! So as you’re focusing on providing value to your clients right now… don’t forget the folks who are near and curious and could use a taste of what they can experience once you’re back to biz as usual… they could be ready to try something new now since they’re quaran-bored! Your website is that gateway and optimizing it could be your chance to incremental sales- now!

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Certified Consultant KK Hart owns and operates several wellness + beauty businesses, in addition to being the CEO of a boutique sales & marketing agency specializing in the indie beauty, boutique wellness and small business industries. With extensive experience as an international business expert + coach/adviser for emerging brands and their founders, KK is regularly featured on Fox and The Huffington Post, among other media outlets. She has a Master’s degree in Health and Business and over 15 years of experience specifically helping beauty and wellness brands grow. As a coach and consultant, KK coaches on strategies for demand generation, improved monetization, customer retention, pricing strategies, obtaining growth capital and a partner-driven team to support every aspect of digital sales and marketing. Her passion is to help you to become as profitable and self sufficient as possible! With many options to help clients to achieve their goals, KK is known to be a game changer and secret weapon for brands and founders. Her clients consistently become the top earners in their industry niche! “Make your company stronger and start focusing on thriving instead of just surviving!” Whether now or in the future, snag a complimentary consult to get your questions answered individually, or reach out for a free indie beauty biz analysis + 30/60/90 day plan! Satisfaction Guaranteed, Always❤️