Comprehensive Marketing Agency + Coaching- It goes without saying that I’m beyond proud to support the top business owners in the industries I specialize in for almost two decades now! Many times, my clients call me their outsourced “Chief Revenue Officer,” and frankly- their success is my success. I pride myself on supporting and advising the entrepreneur who is serious about their growth and invests in their business to create the profit and benefits we all dream of. Because of my extensive experience, my agency supports business with any and all aspects of business, sales, marketing and operations- including but not limited to: website creation, content marketing, social media, ads, automation, strategy, KPI analysis, success coaching/consulting, business advising. Questions? Not sure it will be worth it to you? Feel free to reach out (it’s really me that responds if you use the chat!), ask for a few references, schedule a complimentary business analysis + plan, or honestly, just Google me and get an idea of my renowned skillset and prowess.. I’m that confident we may find that you have nothing to lose and SO much to gain!

Hart Marketing & Communications




Virtual Monetization Platform- I highly recommend many different option depending on your goals, whether or not you’re selling access to videos or not, and what your current monetization structure uses as success metrics. Feel free to connect with me to talk through your options… it’s entirely on me!

WordPress, Wix, Squarespace – In addition to creating custom WordPress websites, I partnered with Wix and Squarespace to provide even more full website design options for clients who are looking to make or re-design easy to manage, dynamic websites that they can own and learn to use themselves. Each of these platforms make it so easy to improve your web presence and connect that site to every other aspect of your business (that’s what I specialize in!)- ready to bring your vision to life? Let’s talk about your options and determine which option is best for you… the best news is that since I’m not biased to any one builder, I can provide you insights and best practices to help YOU find the best option to make your website go beyond being a first impression and turning it into a conversion machine to help you grow and further monetize your business! Schedule a business/website analysis on my calendar now- I make sure your site is integrated with your MINDBODY, Wellness Living or any other online scheduling system, plus copywrite clear, industry resonant text that you can track the ROI of converting even more potential clients from “I’m curious” to “I’m in!”




Overall Fitness and Wellness Software- If you’re looking for an alternative to MINDBODY and more focused on comprehensiveness as your goal, you may find it takes quite a bit of strategy to determine your next best fit. Feel free to ask me questions about my client experiences and whether or not there is a better option for you (to be honest sometimes there is, sometimes it’s more trouble than it’s worth!)

Wellness Living


Payment Processing/Merchant Services for Accepting Payments- I personally use Park Place Payments because of their commitment to transparency in pricing, partnership with their merchants and honestly providing the BEST possible rate (like half of what companies like Stripe and PayPal charge for their payment processing!). Because of my experience, I joined their solutions team because I knew I could help democratize access to better merchant support if I had the ability to guide clients to understand the nuances of financial technology more (fintech is one of my personal interests!) while providing an option I could put my name behind. Want to make more on your credit card transactions and improve your back end experience on your website? Let’s talk about if this is a solution for you!

Park Place Payments




Technology should enhance your business and your life! Here are my recommendations for tech worth investing in:

SMS/Text Messaging- There is no better way to grow your client base, build relationships and to automate authentic communications than text messaging (that last part is not an oxymoron!). I believe in this method of business communication so much, I have helped hundreds of clients successfully launch and sustain a clear, profitable SMS/MMS strategy over the last decade… I’m now an advocate of a company that provides what I believe to be the most affordable, easy to use and engaging SMS software out there. Want to try it for yourself? They offer 14 days of access to the entire platform for FREE! Feel free to set up time on my calendar to review questions you may have or how to make the most of text messaging for your business- I care to make this informative and hopefully impactful for you!


Email Marketing- There are so many options in this area, but so few that provide an ROI given the fact that emails really don’t produce revenue as systematically as they used to (see above- that’s why I became so passionate about SMS and text messaging as a brick and mortar/digital business owner myself). That’s why I recommend Flodesk! If you’re going to use emails as a part of your marketing strategy, the cost to grow and impact of their email software allows you to truly leverage this time tested resource while ensuring ROI is possible!





Anyone who knows me knows my passion for data, science and outcomes don’t stop at business. I’m a skincare junkie and obsessed with enjoying my wisdom as I age, while looking and feeling better than ever. I invest in my health and wellness, and really believe in any product or technology I recommend here. Warning: ask me about my experience and you may get an ear or inbox full of insight and emojis!!!

Microcurrent Facials– I use an at home microcurrent machine that has improved my skin texture and tone, even while spending an average of 2-3 hours a day in the beautiful Las Vegas sun!

LED Light Therapy– This is a part of my daily routine, using this technology to enhance and brighten my skin, while enjoying how gentle and easy to use it is, even for my freckled multi-racial skin! I’m an authorized dealer for this company so send me a message if you’d like some help deciding which device I recommend based on your skin and needs (bonus: feel free to ask if you can use my wholesale discount and I’ll be happy to help!)

Ecofriendly Home Products– I love any way to improve my life, make healthier decision and use anything to aid and enhance your fitness and wellness needs.

Ecofriendly Yoga, Fitness + Wellness Products– Looking for an opportunity to buy best in class products and merch for you and/or your business. Buying for personal use? Snag 10% off anything with code: followyourhart. If you’re looking to wholesale mats, or any retail products for your business, contact me directly as I can provide wholesale/bulk pricing for any and everything in their store as an authorized reseller!

Luxury, Premium Beauty Products via Amazon– People love the ease of use of Amazon and I’m inclined to agree that if you can find the best value and an easy shopping experience then it may be a place you grab some of your luxury goods. I am quite tactical when I splurge on a product, and find that anything here is worth the investment, while Amazon makes it in your interest to buy from them with great consumer focused policies.

Clean Skincare & Beauty– As I’ve aged, like a fine wine I’ve found that it’s worth investing in ingredients and products that match my wellness inspired lifestyle, but that also provide the efficacy needed to see results! This is the part that I find most detrimental about most ‘natural’ beauty products… they don’t work! They talk about stuff that has no true medical benefit! We get sold on marketing, hype and a concept- and this marketer knows too well that isn’t worth it when it comes to skincare 🙂 The pseudo-dermatologist in me feels good about treating all of my body the same, head/face/skin/neck to toes lol.

Vitamins and Preventative Wellness– When it comes to investing in your overall health & wellness, there is nothing more important than keeping up with a vitamin regimen. Why? Because no matter how healthy or <insert specialty diet here> you are (sorry keto, paleo, vegans etc!)… you’re likely not getting enough nutrients and not absorbing the necessary minerals and ingredients from the foods you eat. But you know what scares me even more than that? The fact that most vitamins have a shockingly questionable history and efficacy. The solution? Know your source. Do your research. And only take what you need. I think you’ll love these as a daily investment in your overall health! 

Affiliate disclaimer: You betcha, affiliate links may be sprinkled throughout the awesome, free content I provide via videos, complimentary trainings, written tips and tricks etc. I’ll receive a small commission when you purchase from my links (at no extra cost to you by the way), which I’ll totally use to invest in my little Karamel Frappuchino‘s college education 🙂